Work and Life with Stew Friedman

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Work and Life with Stew Friedman
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Welcome to the Work and Life Podcast with Stew Friedman -- bestselling author, celebrated professor at The Wharton School, and founder of Wharton's Work/Life Integration Project. Stew is widely recognized as the world's foremost authority on cultivating leadership from the point of view of the whole person. On this podcast, Stew talks with a variety of experts -- leading researchers, progressive executives, policy advocates, inspiring educators, and more -- about how to cultivate harmony between work and the rest of your life; that is, your family, your community, and your private self (mind, body, and spirit). Conversations in all Work and Life Podcast episodes are taken from broadcasts of Stew's Work and Life Radio Show, which airs weekly on SiriusXM 111, Business Radio Powered by Wharton. Tune in on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM Eastern.

Episodes (63)


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