Where Marketing Meets Technology with Stacey and Dave Riska

by Small Biz Marketing Specialist

Where Marketing Meets Technology with Stacey and Dave Riska
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  • Last: 10 Mar 2018
Every small business owner wants to get more leads, more customers/clients/patients, more sales and money. Efficiency is imperative in generating new leads and sales. Today there’s so many options for marketing your business . . . . online strategies, offline strategies, integrating it together. It can make your head spin. Where does a business owner turn to make the most of what is available today in terms of the best marketing tips and tricks while balancing it with the day-to-day changes in technology tools and resources? Welcome to Where Marketing Meets Technology. “Small Business Stacey” and ‘Digital Dave” share how to grow your business without the overwhelm of “what marketing to do” and “what technology to use”. An automated systematized marketing machine that attracts the right customers/clients/patients and connects with them in a meaningful way to keep them coming back – and spending more. What you learn in Where Marketing Meets Technology will free your time up to work “on” the business instead of “in” it. And when your business is doing business, it is prospering and growing.

Episodes (27)


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