The Running for Real Podcast

by Tina Muir, Running4Real - Motivation and Confidence for Runners

The Running for Real Podcast
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  • Episodes: 54
  • Last: 9 Mar 2018
The best running tips, mental training, marathon training advice, and lessons learned from 2:36 marathon runner Tina Muir. Helping you achieve your running goals and dreams. On this running podcast, you will learn from sports psychologists, nutritionists, scientists, running influencers, elite runners, strength training coaches, and of course, lots of everyday runners with inspiring stories to motivate you through your struggles. Running for Real is a community of runners at every level who know that behind every glorious personal best, there were plenty of personal not-so-bests. Just-missed PRs, easy runs that felt hard, frustrating injuries, comparing ourselves to others, panics about sleep and sickness, and more. Not to mention embarrassing falls and all the mishaps with bodily fluids. Runners know these things happen, but we never talk about it, even though we should. Running for Real is a space where we can explore it, embrace it, share it and get better from it. A place when we can remind ourselves and each other that yes, we are runners, but we are so much more.

Episodes (54)


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