Stina Can't Do Standup Podcast

by Stina Hodal

Stina Can't Do Standup Podcast
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 5
  • Last: 12 Jul 2016
Stina's done stand up-she cannn do it---she'd just rather not. Welcome to the Stina Can't Do Standup Podcast! Stina lives in a studio in Chicago that she's made her studio for projects-whether it be making greeting cards, writing a web series, blogging, or hanging with her super cool sidekick dog, Bandit. She's a comedy writer that studied improv at the Second City, performed at open mics and misses the days when she was a radio personality hiding behind a microphone, telling jokes between songs. She doesn't expect anyone to listen-that's why she doesn't even edit Bandit noises out of the audio, but still considerate to the non-existent audience by having short episodes, regularly under 6 minutes. She doesn't even know if this description should be in third person? but hey-she's going to keep recording anyways. That's how she is. Follow her massively adorable and charismatic dog on Twitter @banditchicago or check out the package deal on

Episodes (5)


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