Splinters of a Broken Sun

by Whycalibur

Splinters of a Broken Sun
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 20
  • Last: 12 Mar 2018
The sun is broken. The heart of Gov, the four-in-one saviour, staggers through the sky, drenching the starving lands in burning light, or plunging them into frozen night. The deserts drown fertile lands in sand and dust. This is the price we paid to stop the Emergency, and the Church will never let us forget the debt we owe. Twice before, fiery relics fell from the sun, destroying the lands and peoples below. Nothing grows where these splinters of a broken sun touch the earth-- nothing but knowledge of the lore lost in the Emergency, for those who can claim these relics. Now, the sun has lurched to a halt once again, and four youths stand ready to try and claim the new blessing... if they can survive its arrival. Splinters of a Broken Sun is an actual play podcast featuring diverse voices exploring an original game setting. We use FATE Accelerated Edition, and release every two weeks. Keva Zharma is played by Keekers. You can find her on Twitter @beaspacecat. Emrek Pak is played by Michael Blood. You can find him on Twitter @GoodSirBlood. Deg Dhanchobiset is played by WhiskeyWhiskers. Medb Sentus is played by OG Brown Sugar. You can't find her on social media, because frankly Twitter doesn't deserve her. I'm your master of ceremonies, Matt. You can find me on Twitter @Whycalibur. Follow our show @BrokenSunRPG, and read up on the lore of the land at splintersofabrokensun.tumblr.com

Episodes (20)