Retirement Answer Man Show

by Roger Whitney, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, AIF® | A personal finance show on retirement, money, investing and wealth

Retirement Answer Man Show
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This is NOT another personal finance show focused only on saving and investing. It’s about making the most of your life today and in retirement. Retirement isn’t an age OR a financial number. It’s finding that balance between living well today and feeling confident about your retirement. It’s about gaining more freedom to pursue the life you want. In each episode, Roger unpacks topics like investing, insurance, IRAs , pensions, healthcare expenses, building wealth, creating income, being happy, and much more. Roger Whitney shares practical wisdom on retirement planning learned over 26 years as a financial planner walking life with clients into retirement. Head over to to learn more and sign up for the free Retirement Learning Center. An online resource full of checklists you can use to work towards your ideal retirement.

Episodes (212)


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