Ep 30: Dr. Sean Zdenek on Rhetorical Analysis
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 21 Oct 2016
  • Duration: 28:40

On this episode, I am joined by Dr. Sean Zdenek, an associate professor of technical communication and rhetoric at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. He holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University, an Master’s degree from California State University at Stanislaus, and a Bachelor’s degree from University of California at Berkeley. At Texas Tech, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in web accessibility and disability studies, sound studies, report writing, style, document design, writing for publication, developing instructional materials, and others. Sean is also the author ofReading Sounds: Closed-Captioned Media and Popular Culture(University of Chicago Press, 2015). He has been keenly interested in closed captioning for over a decade and writing about it since 2009.

Segment 1: Research on Closed Captioning [00:00-10:49]

In this first segment, Sean describes some of the research on closed captions in his book Reading Sounds.

Segment 2: Developing Supplemental Artifacts for Research [10:50- 21:27]

In segment two, Sean shares about the 500+ example clips he curated as supplemental resources for his book.

Segment 3: Animated Captioning [21:28-28:40]

In segment three, Sean discusses his current research area of animated captions and talks about his future research plans.

Bonus Clip #1: Relationship Between Caption Transformation and Animated Captions [00:00-3:00]

Bonus Clip #2: Captioning within Context [00:00-01:43]

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