Positiva Lifestyle Podcast - The Five Pillars of Health

by Positiva Lifestyle

Positiva Lifestyle Podcast - The Five Pillars of Health
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  • Episodes: 6
  • Last: 27 Dec 2016
Positiva Lifestyle Podcast is a show about optimizing your health so you can achieve your ultimate purpose in life. We break your health down into five pillars and teach you how to improve each pillar naturally. The five pillars that we teach are; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. We teach that these pillars work best in synergy, if any pillar is suffering, they all suffer. The best way to boost your health is naturally. Our mission is to share the best resources and information possible for you to optimize your health and carry out your purpose. On this show we will be bringing on experts in niches of each pillar to teach us all how to be better. If you'd like to have our episodes sent directly to you, sign up as a member on our website, www.positivabrand.com

Episodes (6)


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