Episode 14.1 – Are We Addressing the Subtle Racism in Education (Replay)

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Episode 14.1 – Are We Addressing the Subtle Racism in Education (Replay)
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  • Published: 24 Dec 2017
  • Duration: 41:04

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Hosted by Andre Daughty @AndreDaughty

Overview of chat topic

Questions from the chat:

1 – What is your definition of MICROAGGRESSION?

Question 1#oklaedpic.twitter.com/CDwHSLPK20

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

Microaggressions can be defined as: pic.twitter.com/Bzby8oP3LY

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

Microaggressions are classified in 3 categories #oklaed. pic.twitter.com/yu1GSBIla5

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

A1: Sarcasm or other means of putting someone down without seeming to or, sometimes, intending to #oklaedhttps://t.co/CO4taASpPr

— Debra Thoreson (@djthoreson) May 22, 2017

A1: Microaggressions are often hard to pin down. The boundary btw them and "oversensitive" can be tricky. #oklaed

— BlueCerealEducation (@BlueCerealEduc) May 22, 2017

2 – The people who hear it are shocked. You are one of them. Why is this scenario described as a microassault?

Question 2.#oklaedpic.twitter.com/HzltiqDHb1

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

A2 #oklaed How is it "micro"? That one is blatantly racist. The action creates a hostile work environment and should result in a reprimand.

— Rick Cobb (@grendelrick) May 22, 2017

This ain't a microassault. This is full on idiotic, racist, and targeted dialogue. #oklaedhttps://t.co/ua0soaEDgO

🎄Li’l Teach🎄 (@tstyles77) May 22, 2017

3 – What could be some proactive steps taken to provide better equity for all in this scenario?

Question 3.#oklaedpic.twitter.com/6jknXEjUEP

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

A3 Something as simple as every 10th student one day and every 11th another could eliminate the racial profiling #oklaed

— Jason Bengs (@jasonbengs) May 22, 2017

A3: Officer training, a mtg with admin, a student board to give students a voice #oklaed

— Ms.S (@KndrgartnROX) May 22, 2017

4 – How was this interaction a microinsult?

Question 4.#oklaedpic.twitter.com/dp9KttQXnO

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

A4: You instantly assumed that the Hispanic parent was going to do something bad to you. "ASS out of U and ME" #oklaedhttps://t.co/OT8ylOHtAB

— Adam Rogers M.A.Ed. (@MrRogersTech) May 22, 2017

A4 #oklaed It's possibly something subconscious but still insulting. It says, "you don't belong here." https://t.co/66CSiYa8H1

— Rick Cobb (@grendelrick) May 22, 2017

A4b #oklaed That said, my wife clutches her purse more tightly when anyone is approaching; we can't forget how women are treated you know.

— Rick Cobb (@grendelrick) May 22, 2017

5 – How did Mrs. Anthony’s body language convey microinvalidation?

Question 5.#oklaedpic.twitter.com/wXuLBKR1nk

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

A5: She showed the S's that not all of them are equal. #oklaedhttps://t.co/GoxjZxLfeg

— Adam Rogers M.A.Ed. (@MrRogersTech) May 22, 2017

A5) How do we hold up the mirror here? I want someone in my class to reveal this to me. Is it on each of us or do we ask for help? #oklaed

— Amber McMath (@mrsmcreading) May 22, 2017

My DM is blowing up asking me if these scenarios are for real. Yes and are from Oklahoma. Now imagine nationally? Globally?#oklaedpic.twitter.com/xKnqGrXXjf

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

6 – What are some actions you can do when microaggressions occur around you?

Question 6.#oklaedpic.twitter.com/lg07qXiuv8

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

Here are some more things you can do for Question 6.#oklaed#GrowingTogetherpic.twitter.com/k8RAzl0QEF

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

A6: Don't "call out," instead "call in." Invite the aggressor to a better way within the context of a relationship. #oklaedhttps://t.co/ZnuqHV05bU

— Aaron Baker (@bakerleft) May 22, 2017

A6: Place a light on them so conversations, reflections, & refinements of practice can begin #oklaed

— Rhonda Harlow (@RhondaHarlow) May 22, 2017

7 – Being proactive, can you please provide some examples to better frame the conversation so microaggressions don’t occur?

Question 7.#oklaedpic.twitter.com/cb9OUCvfAL

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

Here are some other ways to frame the conversation for question 7.#oklaedpic.twitter.com/V5GM9LkFcr

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

A7: When others accuse us of making racist comment, say, "I apologize, you may be right. Help me understand." Then shut up & listen. #oklaed

— Rob Miller (@edgeblogger) May 22, 2017

A7 #oklaedpic.twitter.com/xoH6O7Myfr

— Natasha Jefferson (@jefferson_first) May 22, 2017

8 – Please share any resources you have on microaggressions.

Question 8.#oklaedpic.twitter.com/qFtNzRclB9

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

Here are more resources on Microaggressions.#oklaed#GrowAndLearnTogetherpic.twitter.com/m2SnZaEe31

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

Sidebar Question:
How does this quote connect with subtle racism in education?#oklaedpic.twitter.com/qjHU3mBKxl

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

A8: Become an active listener & a thoughtful speaker. #oklaed

— Lori Hoegg (@lori4learning) May 22, 2017

A8: Reading "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together" was eyeopening for me. https://t.co/2wApkyIC1l#oklaed

— Val Roberson (@rambling_reader) May 22, 2017

9 – Please share something you’ve learned and/or something that was confirmed to you from tonight’s chat.

Question 9.#oklaedpic.twitter.com/XTlllxuHFz

— Andre Daughty (@andredaughty) May 22, 2017

A9: 2nite's #oklaed chat confirmed that for too many years of my life, I was ignorant and dismissive of other people's feelings. #oklaed

— Rob Miller (@edgeblogger) May 22, 2017

What may be worse is for too many yrs, I didn't think I was. Crawling out of that cave was particularly rough & the light was blinding!

— Jennifer Williams (@JennWillTeach) May 22, 2017

A9 We need to address this more often in our schools. This chat is a great start. #oklaed

— Susan Wray (@suzanwray) May 22, 2017

Favorite question and why?

Erin: Question 9: Share something you learned and/or confirmed from the chat.

Scott: Question 1: What is your definition of Microaggression?

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I would speak up. I will never regret speaking up and speaking loud to protect my students #oklaed

— AmyBednarz (@amybbednarz) May 22, 2017

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