Episode 1 – Importance of Authenticity in Business

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Episode 1 – Importance of Authenticity in Business
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  • Published: 2 Apr 2014
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Show Notes
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This is Megan and Marty's little piece of internet real estate. Talented illustration and animation along with many other services can be found on their site.



One of the purposes of Network IRIS is to find ways to support organizations who are focusing their efforts towards bringing about positive change in our world. Brian and Katie are two of these people that I would love to see supported more. Here is the site where you can hear more of Brian's music that was played on the show and also his non-profit organization Journey 4 Youth.

Discussion Topics

Introduction to Network IRIS

- What it is now and future plans

Importance of

- Authentic relationships

- Focusing more on human element

- Ability to be vulnerable

- Showing imperfections

- Sharing experiences through mutual support

- Accountability

Issues with lack of self worth

Use of appropriate technology