Nashville Rocks - Independent Music in Nashville, TN. Artist Interviews, Music and More

by Jason Coleman: Host, Music Promoter, Owner®

Nashville Rocks - Independent Music in Nashville, TN. Artist Interviews, Music and More
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  • Last: 18 Jul 2017
The Nashville Rocks® Podcast is the ultimate source for independent music and independent artists in Nashville, TN Music City. You'll hear artist interviews, music and tips & tricks from working artists that will help you with your music career. Not an artist? The Nashville Rocks® Podcast is a music show too. You'll enjoy original independent music and marketing tips from the artists who are out there doing it everyday. Country, Christian, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Folk and on and on. From songwriters to engineers to record labels and publishers, the Nashville Rocks® Podcast has the information you need about the music business. Join your fellow music artists and music fans and enjoy the conversation, the music and the marketing. Opening music provided by FloidBeats find him on Youtube.

Episodes (10)


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