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NAMPRadio is a monthly podcast covering arts marketing, technology and audience development topics. Our goal is to discuss important issues that arts marketing people face every day, and to inspire enthusiasm for experimentation and innovation in promoting attendance to arts and culture. Our team of panelists are: Ron Evans of, an audience development specialist based in Sunnyvale, CA Matt Campbell of Stanford Lively Arts, who knows how to make marketing and fundraising work together, based in Stanford, CA Maris Smith of Situation Interactive, an interactive marketing maven based in New York, NY Plus, a featured guest panelists on each episiode! Each month, our team of panelists will discuss a particular issue in arts marketing and fundraising, and share their experienced tips and tactics for overcoming obstacles. Welcome! Got a question you'd like the panelists to answer? Email your question to For more information on NAMPRadio, visit its official home on the web at

Episodes (25)