My Big Idea
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Ever dreamed of switching up your work life, achieving a dream or starting your own business? Get inspired by our interviews with the young, smart women forging their own path in everything from fashion and beauty to restaurants and the music industry.

Episodes (91)


Beauty Fashion And War

by Inspiring Interviews from the World of Beauty Fashion And War

Entrepreneur Success Stories By Join Up Dots, Motivation, Confidence, & Business Coaching To Start Your Online Career

by Motivation Expert David Ralph Shows Online Business Advice, Passive Income, Lifestyle Tips, Mindset & The Best Inspiration Packed Startup Interviews (Inspired By Steve Jobs)

Life on Fire TV (Audio) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth

by Strategic Training, Marketing, Q&A, and Interviews for Established & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Women Lead Radio

by Women Lead Radio

Living Smart & Well: Monday, 2pm ET

by Inez Bracy Living Smart Well