Mums with Bright Ideas

by Melissa Pye

Mums with Bright Ideas
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  • Episodes: 9
  • Last: 25 Aug 2017
Mums with Bright Ideas Podcast is for Mums looking for inspo and know-how to start and grow their own business. The Host, Melissa Pye, is a straight shooter and doesn’t shy away from asking probing questions to get to the core of what life is really like as a biz owner. Melissa’s guests are Mums at different stages of their biz journey who share their story, warts and all. Melissa adopts what she calls a “No Peacocking Policy” so that listeners will always get the real story. To help Mums on their biz journey, Melissa also interviews subject matter experts on finance, marketing, operations, HR and just about anything that will help a biz grow. Melissa has 30 years biz experience, half of that in senior marketing roles in Australia and Asia working with brands including Hyundai, Audi, Jaguar, Optus and Westin Hotels. Melissa launched her first biz 15 years ago and has never looked back! Her latest biz, The LightBulb Lounge, provides courses and a community for Mums starting their biz. It’s her passion (and life mission) to encourage as many Mums as possible to learn, grow and get their spark back through bringing their bright ideas to life!

Episodes (9)