Mum to Millionaire | Excel in business & life | Build your brand on Youtube | Social Media

by Veena V | Youtube Entrepreneur | Mompreneur

Mum to Millionaire | Excel in business & life | Build your brand on Youtube | Social Media
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  • Last: 31 Jan 2018
The Mum To Millionaire podcast is here to finally help YOU to take action. You deserve to be happy and successful. If other parents can create a great life for themselves, so can you (YES YOU!) Get your weekly boost of Mum Motivation straight to your phone by clicking subscribe, for free :) This business podcast gives you REALISTIC business tips for parents. I don't know about you, but I need to sleep! As a single Mum, I can't do the 24/7 hustle thing as I actually want to spend quality time with my little monkey (even though he's a little brat, sometimes) Every week listen to the inspirational journeys of how parents managed to overcome struggles and create successful businesses. Plus not only do they share business strategies, marketing tips and social media hacks, they also boost you up with pure motivation. Also Mum To Millionaire isn't like all those hundreds of other business podcasts, we really focus down on improving your mindset and how you can actually make money. Subscribe to this podcast and be prepared to be motivated and inspired by successful Mumpreneurs (Mompreneurs for the USA family!) and finally stop all those excuses! TAKE ACTION, make small steps every day and change your life forever. You really can do it, you just need to start believing in yourself. MUM TO MILLIONAIRE is all about being honest, helping you create an incredible life and giving you realistic business advice. Time management techniques, branding, marketing, linkedin, youtube, blogging - we've got it all covered. Each episode I delve into the business of a Mum or Dad and they reveal their tips, tricks and secrets to help you grow your company. Whoever said Mums can't have it all are lying! This motivational podcast gives so much content but I don't want to overwhelm you. So each week we concentrate on sharing real life success. My name is Veena V, I'm a single Mum and I LOVE helping small businesses get started with video marketing and becoming confident with making youtube videos --------------- Did you like the Mum to Millionaire podcast? Read my story from being depressed, abused and feeling worthless to becoming an empowered female entrepreneur Please head over to the blog and leave a comment. Lots of hugs, Veena V xx ————— Call yourself a Business Mom, Mumpreneur, Mompreneur, stay at home Mum, work at home mom or maybe you’re even a Dadpreneur! Then this business podcast is for you. Mum to Millionaire is packed full of inspiration, social media training and realistic business tips especially for Mums and Dads. Anyone who wants to succeed in life and create a positive life for themselves and other people should also listen to this. Mum to Millionaire features a successful entrepreneur or Business Mum every week, sharing their business tips for small business owners and helping you to grow your business and change your mindset to one of focus and happiness. Welcome to your new home of #MumMotivation

Episodes (24)


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