Monday Morning Mindfulness
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  • Last: 23 Jan 2017
Monday Morning Mindfulness: Get Your Week Off To A Great Start! Want to feel less stressed? Think more clearly? Feel happier? Have more energy? One of the things I have discovered over the past 14 years of mentoring passionate world-changers and business owners is how most of us are super-stressed, feeling overwhelmed and running on empty. As a qualified Meditation Teacher, I know that regular meditation and deep relaxation can be the antidote to this - but most of us are convinced we don't have enough time. As an NLP Trainer I specialise in making it super-easy for you to make changes in your life. So I created 52 Mindful Moments to take the 'time excuse' away - and each Monday morning I share a new mindfulness technique with you. If you can find sixty seconds in your day to practise these techniques, they will make a profound difference for you. Go on - you know you're worth it!

Episodes (2)


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