Wills Story and Why I Chose Network Marketing MLMGAMEUP001

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Wills Story and Why I Chose Network Marketing MLMGAMEUP001
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  • Published: 26 Jul 2017
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Hey Tribe in this episode of the podcast I share with you my background and where I got my start in Business and Network Marketing. Super Excited to share with you my story so you can get an understanding of my background and why I got started and built the MLM Game Up Podcast. ​ You can find todays show notes over at I have the video version of the podcast. If you would like to leave your feedback you can do that also.


Key Takeaways from This Podcast

A Few Quotes From The Podcast

When Your Attitude is Right the Facts Don't Count, Because the Facts are Just Other Peoples Opinions ~ Kevin Trudeau

People are not turned off by Network Marketing, they are turned off by Network Marketers ~ Ray Higdon

Loud and Proud to be a Network Marketer ~ Simon Chan

Here is the Transcription From The Podcast

Hey guys whats up this is Will Kaa today I want to share with you my story and why I chose Network Marketing. Before I get into it I will share just a little bit about my background, I was born and raised in New Zealand in a little place called Gisborne on the East Coast of the North Island. I moved over to Brisbane Australia about 11 years ago with my partner and moving over to Australia from New Zealand was a stepping stone for us to make a little bit more income.

So we saw Australia as an opportunity to like make a big income so I had just finished university and I we moved over to Australia and I started doing a little bit of work with my degree because I have a Bachelor of food Technology Degree.

So I decided to go and do a few jobs in that industry. But I kinda discovered quickly that I didn't really enjoy what I was doing I never really got you know I never really got the sack or anything like that I just basically was working in a factory that wasn't big enough for expansion. So they said “Sorry mate you're going to have to go, we don't have any room for expansion”. This was because I was in the development side so I decided to move on and because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do there I just got to work in a factory.

Then I decided to go do something different with my partner as she has a background in personal training and she was doing a diploma in fitness so she asked me if I wanted to go do it with her and i was like “ok cool”. So I started and basically I made my start and so my background in business really came from personal training.

As a conclusion I went to university for 4 years and studying there only to figure out maybe about a year and a half after that then it wasn't really what I wanted to do with my life. so I guess in my opinion going to university wasn't the best thing for me but I guess I gave me clarity and looking back I can say OK I went to university and it wasn't for me so I decided to go on the personal training path.

When I was first got into personal training and going to the gym it was kind of a scary experience. I guess it was because it was talking to people, talking to strangers and I didn’t really have any skills. I was just lucky that I was in really good shape and I had the ability to show people how to work out and people would see me in the gym training etc they saw me and thought ok, this guy he looks like he knows what he's doing. My food technology degree gave me a little bit of help in there but I started. But when I went to the gym they pretty much said “hey you know we will get you heaps of clients you'll be sweet, you'll be fine, give yourself a couple of months and you'll be fully up and running as a personal trainer.”

So I was like “oh yeah cool” and little did I know when I got started a very very different story played out. I only got like a couple of clients within the first say 3 months and then after that it was pretty much really really working hard to try and find clients because it was my only source of income.

I got put in a position where I was either fight-or-flight. I just did as much as I could like I was like ringing people up, I was like talking to strangers that I didn't even know, just try to drum up some business and it was really really hard. I managed to get through their part only because I was working two jobs and I don't know if he's any other people listening there has worked more than one job but you know it was really challenging. I had a young family that I was trying to look after and it was a hard place for me. I had to go out and work, I had to work hard just to try and bring in that income to you know to help my family out.

Coming up really close to Christmas, if you don't know personal trainers, when it comes Christmas time your clients drop off to almost zero. Everybody goes on holiday and the clients you do have before Christmas they come back or they don't even come back to the gym. So you know for me Christmas time was a massive realisation for me because I was pretty much broke and had no money. I just had enough money to cover the rent and everything like that and it was nothing left to buy Christmas presents. It was the worst I've ever felt in my whole life and I'm lucky for my wife she managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat like she always does and she made it a good Christmas but there was a realisation for me.

I needed to find something that I could do where I could be not working but still bringing in an income and that was the thing that I was trying to install. I was looking for a while searching, and then not too long after that I met a guy he was a personal trainer as well and he introduced me to this Network Marketing business. When he showed me I don't know what the hell he was talking about. All I knew was the supplements and I was referring my customers to a supplement shop and I wasn't making any money from there. I was just do my clients a service. They would ask me hey Will what do I need to eat? I'll say ok go down to the supplement shop and get this, this and this and that'll be you set for your goals.

For me and this was just a supplement, something that was already referring, it was like a no brainer so I got involved in this company. Not long after I joined, the person who signed us up there left and they went to a different city. So I was left without any knowledge of what to do. So I kind of didn't really know what to do and I was just ended up using the supplements for myself. I was still really interested in the business and building it but I just didn’t have anybody to help me. I had no network there so basically like a lot of people get started in the Network Marketing industry their up line disappears. But I'm so grateful for that event and what happened because it opened up my eyes to self development and personal development.

From there I got into listening to audio CDs, I slowly started my journey to reading books and personal development and that's what actually helped me become a better personal trainer. That's why I said in the first podcast episode is that if I had of been doing Network Marketing before I became a personal trainer I think I would have been a thousand times better than I

could have been when I started. But that’s the way things go that was just the my mind. My mind opened up to the possibilities. I went to an event and everything just opened up my mind. I saw the big vision and I basically I ended up. I didn't really quit that business it just faded out because there was no support and I just focused on becoming a better personal trainer. That got me into audiobooks, listen to audiobooks, watching YouTube videos because the Self Development. Because of becoming a part of a Network Marketing business I just got those self-development wheels turning and things started to move from there.

So I'm super grateful for that event and meeting their person and everything that happened from there cause it's just started my journey and that's why I am so for Network Marketing. Because most people that get into business are not ready to do a business. They get started and people talk like it's going to be easy, everything will be fine but the workload is like massive at the start because you just don't know you just don't have the skills. Most people don't have the skills most people don't have a big network and most people don't have the right mindset. That's something that comes over time and a lot of entrepreneurs talk about this. You have to be patient, you have to be willing to work like a 5/10 year plan maybe even longer but you know the pay off is becoming good at your craft.

They say it takes 10000 hours to become a master if you break that down and see if you work a job you working 40 hours a week it will take you 5 years that's become a master at the job that you are at now. It's almost like network marketers get started most of them maybe do less than an hour or 2 hours a week so you know compared to somebody who's working 40 hours it's going to take you an infinite amount of time to get really good.

That's why people fail not only in Network Marketing Industries but a lot of other businesses as well. Like when I was personal training I was doing it for a long time and you know they say personal training it's really easy. You hear it on radio informationals on TV, saying “become a personal trainer and live your dream lifestyle” but they don't tell you about the hard stuff. They don't tell you about how much prospecting you have to go it go out and do. They don't tell you about all that kind of stuff how many phone calls you have to make just so you can get a decent amount of clients to earn a living. I see new personal trainers come into the gym for maybe 3-4 weeks and then gone out of the gym and you know it’s because people set them up for false expectations. In Network Marketing is kinda like the same, a lot of people get started but you know I want to see them change and I don't ever tell people that it's going to be easier, it's going to take a lot of work, you're going to have to work on yourself you going to have to improve yourself. Your going to have to read books, listen to audio, upgrade your skills, do courses, whatever it takes and it's going to take a lot of time.

People just need to understand that and they say there's a rule and Network Marketing as the 1,3,5,7 Rule.

It's got to take you one year just to learn everything. So in the first year you may not make any money at all you may not even break even but in the first year there is going to be learning. Learning the basics, the fundamentals and the skills.

Then it might take you 3 years to replace your income.

Then it might take you 5 years to become a six figure earner.

Then it might take you 7 years to be a master.

I'm not saying that these are hard facts, you just need to know there's no guarantees to how much income you can make. Not just in Network Marketing but any business is the same, you have to put in the work, you have to do the time, build your skills up and get the right mindset.

So that it was the second business that I got involved with and then I just focused on my personal training business.

I then had a visit from a cousin of mine and she said are you open to having a look at something? I said sure and she showed me the products and showed me the business plan. What she showed me of the product and stuff and I was like “oh yeah this is really really cool” but I told her I had no money. It wasn’t that i didn’t have the money, it was that I had my money put aside for other things and that's what I told you her that I didn't have the money for that business.

I was so focused on my personal training business then, all my focus was on personal training and I didn't think I had the time to concentrate on building a Network Marketing business. I still loved the idea and the business model it just wasn't the right time for me.

Then one thing happened in my life I find out of the out of the blue sort of thing and I came home from work one day and my partner she was like “Baby we need to talk” and you know when your partner says it's got a serious so I was like “OK what's going on” and she came up to me and she goes off my daughter came up to me and she goes “Why doesn't Papa play with us anymore?” and when she told me it was like I got punched in the chest, I didn't have any words. My mind was just a blank and when she said that it was the point where I knew something needed to change. So that was like really the thing that pushed me over the edge, over the mark.

I just got me thinking about me, what am I really really doing because my day was basically get up in the morning 4am go to the gym,

train clients and then I'll go to my second job driving forklift for 8 hours.

Then I'll go straight back to the gym work from 4 o'clock right up to 8 o'clock or 9 o'clock at night. That was basically my week from Monday to Friday and then on Saturday so what kind of doing a lot of the same thing. So when she said to me it just made me realise that it was doing wasn't really going to provide the lifestyle i wanted for my family. I couldn't see lighty at the end of the tunnel so I kind of decided and I really need something to change.

I had seen Network Marketing businesses beforehand and then I came home, I think it might have been like the same day or the same week and I came home and there was a BMW parked on my friends driveway.

My Neighbour was he was a friend of mine I used to do personal training for him with him and he would help me do online marketing and stuff because he was a digital marketer. So I would go over there and he would help me with my business and I would help him with personal training. He goes “Hey Bro you remember their business that you showed me like a little while ago?” because you know I saw it then I showed my mate and I didn't join up even though he was like this is pretty cool and then he goes “oh you know that BMW parked up the driveway?, he was from that company!”

That was the push over the edge for me I was ok people are really making this happen I think I think this might be the vehicle. So I got back in contact with my cousin I said hey when's your next presentation I'm coming over and then basically joined up and going and so that was my Story.

2 years since getting started and I know there's a lot of work to be done is alot of Self Development to get going but I'm really excited and everytime I watch a presentation I'm even more excited. As things going on I just keep getting more excited about it and basically what happened in this company happened in my first company. It was like about a year maybe and nothing was really happening I went on my honeymoon anniversary with my partner we came back I got involved with the team. I was like OK what's going on with the team and like everybody was going through life circumstances and they were sort of focused on their own lives and nobody was really building the business.

I came back and sort of just carried on doing my thing. I just started listening to more audios and stuff and what actually happened was I just listening to Eric Worres Go-Pro Network Marketing. I listened to Go-Pro and he says you know if you want anything to happen in your business you need to go to the Big Events. Big Events are the things that change your life. So ok nothing's happening I'm going to go to the big event if I want things to change in my life I'm going to be the one who makes the changes. So I went to the speaker event and you know it just opened up my eyes, I met awesome people and then I came back and you know we started building and from there it's been really awesome. I have to be honest we haven't been super consistent but there's just something that we are working on at the moment and they say every time that you go to an event your team double. I can vouch for that because every time I've been to an event the team somehow has doubled in size, so get to your event if you can. Sometimes you might not be able to make it financially but try to find a way to get there, get around positive people. Just the change in energy, change your mindset ,give you some skills as well and then you can go and charge on with your business.

So that's basically my story up until now building a team building slowly but surely getting better consistent action going and I'm super excited because I know that things are going to be great in the future. Everything just gets better and better and I'm just super excited to be in Network Marketing.

As for starting this podcast the whole reason that I wanted to get it going is because I was talking to a friend of mine who is into digital marketing as well and I'm talking into him about the differences between Network Marketing and people that do traditional affiliate marketing.

I have been to light both those events cause I like Digital Marketing events not only Network Marketing events. I've been to a podcasting Summit, I've been to digital marketing events and the difference for networking events there is a massive amount of people at them. They're having Big events every 2-3 months and I've been to marketing business events that might have been like 300 people there. But when I go to the Network Marketing events there are like a couple thousand and I was thinking to myself man like that's kind of the culture that we have.

As Network Marketers we are like we like crazy people, we love self-development, we love to go to events, we love to improve ourselves, but have to go meet with other people. There is so much awesomeness in Network Marketing that a lot of other marketing people are missing out on. I actually was talking about this with my friend and then I listen to a podcast that Ray Higdon did he was talking and speaking about how he went to a Mastermind Event and he was around a lot of top Marketers and he said “People don’t get turned off by Network Marketing, Just network Marketers”

So you need to be building a culture around your team and that's what I really really love because you know you take away a lot of the complicated things and you just focus on a lot of that the bare essentials. You just have to master the basics and and it's really a lot easier for people to focus on just mastering the fundamentals. The skills that they learn from their Network Marketing business, if they wanted to go out and start the own business, they'll be an awesome position not have a lot of skills and then they already got a knowledge for work ethic like how much work is going to take. The cool thing is you don't have to worry about logos and you know a whole other heap of things that traditional business owners have to worry about.

That's why I'm out I'm proud to be a network marketer. Simon Chan from MLM Nation says it in his podcast all the time and I totally agree with that and I want to run with that as well. I'm proud to be a network marketer because in the start I didn’t really want to put myself in a category as a network marketer because I see a lot of marketers get upset and go off. They say hope you're not pitching a mlm, I hope you're not talking about Network Marketing and I was like “what's the deal” but what's so bad about Network Marketing that you guys don't want to hear about it I get it, but it was not because they are turned off my Network Marketing, it's because of bad network marketers. They're pushy, you know they don't get the hint they get all upset and as Network marketers we just have to change the culture.

Following leaders like Ray Higdon, Listening to Stories from MLM Nation like Simon Chan as well as all the other podcasts and thought leaders. I guess we can be better you know and we can give the industry a better name so that's what I'm hoping to do.

What’s awesome is, it's going to take time and you do have to do some work you have to put yourself in the right frame work, just be consistent and just keep on keeping on so that's basically my story, why I chose Network Marketing and know I'm going to be in this for the long run so with that being said “when your attitude is right the facts don’t count because the facts are just other people's opinions.

No excuses! No regrets! You own your life see you guys on the next episode.

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