Personal Branding MLM 5 Reasons Why You Need to Start – MLMGAMEUP005

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Personal Branding MLM 5 Reasons Why You Need to Start – MLMGAMEUP005
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  • Published: 15 Aug 2017
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Personal Branding MLM

Today we are going to be talking about Personal Branding MLM and why you should start branding yourself today. Your Personal Branding MLM is what people say about you when you are not present. What do you find online if someone types your name? Your Personal Brand?

If your in for the long run its probably a good time to start playing the long game and looking at building your personal brand. Because if your not going to create your brand someone else will for you.

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Personal Branding MLM Key Takeaways & Resourses

Protect Your Brand

Purple Cow, Stand Out From The Pack​

Lead With Value​

Social Proof


Build Your List​

Purple Cow

Ray Higdon Personal Branding

Personal Branding MLM What is it?

Personal branding MLM 5 reasons why you should start building your personal brand in order for you to build your MLM or your Network Marketing business. So before we talked about personal branding, I guess we need to talk about what is personal branding?

Personal branding is basically what people say about you when you're not in the room. Everybody has a personal brand, it doesn't matter if you're building a business, or you're just working in a normal job, you have a personal brand. When you're working, what people say about you when you're at work that's your personal brand. When you're not there, what do people say about you? That's your personal brand. Your building your personal brand every single minute of every single day, your building your personal brand when you're at home, when you're being a father, when you're going out into public your building your personal brand.Your personal brand you already have a personal brand people know you for a certain qualities that you have and it's up to you just to maybe put it out there so more people get to know what you are.

So personal branding is really important. I want you to understand that if you're trying to build your Network Marketing business or your mlm online the first thing that people are gonna do is Google your name and see what pops up.So they're going to jump onto the good old Internet, type your name into Google and see what pops up. So the first thing you need to do is you need to take control over what people find. If you're not taking control of what people find, your letting people come to their own decisions about what you are, who you are what you stand for what your values are. So you really need to control that space so you need to control what people find when they look up your name. Because if you don't take control of it somebody else is going to take control of it or you're not going to be seen.There's an old saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know" but if we take that one step further"it's not what you know, it's who you know, but who knows you?" The most important thing is "who knows you?"

So if people are typing in your name, we want to be on the first page of Google. We want to be taking up all the space and in order for you to do that you're going to have to start building your personal brand and taking control of that. Because it's not only going to help you, but it's going to help your team as they look up to you as their leader in the company their trying to build.Their going to type in your name and then going to look you up and if somebody's referred you, and told them to look you up this is who I'm working with, this his who's helping me to build my business. Look up his name and if they type to your name into Google and they can't find anything you're going to lose a little bit influence.

Personal branding is what people say about you when you're not in the room. We need to go and take control of that because if you don't somebody else is going to take control of it.The second part I want to talk about is brand protection.Your company, it needs to protect itself so you need to be building your personal brand instead of promoting your company. Your company will won't allow you to do certain things online because they're trying to protect their brand. You can talk about anything with your personal brand, but you can't talk about anything when it comes to your company. Your company have a very watchful eye, not only do you have the company looking but you also have other people in your Network Marketing business looking and seeing what you do. So if you do something wrong or do something against company policies your gonna run into trouble.

They say "Common sense isn't there common" and I found it to be a fact. You think hey it's common sense not to brag about how much money you make or talk about how much money people earn in Network Marketing but it's not common. Because people go out and they say "oh you can make $500 in a day" and yes that does happen but it's not it doesn't happen for everybody. Just a income disclaimer "there are no guarantees in income on how much income you can make through network Marketing or any other business". You have to put in the work you have to build up your skills and have to put in time.Your company is going to protect the brand because people will go out and they will say stupid things, make false promises and hype things up and then it gives a company a bad name. So the company is going to do everything and it's power to protect it's brand, just like you you need to protect your own personal brand.

The other thing is if you want to scale up your business in the future and you want to run ads you're not going to be able to use the company name in those ads. Your going to have to find some creative ways and which you can run some type of ads on the Internet, on social media in order to get more leads.So the best way that you can do it it's a run ads towards your personal brand because the company needs to protect their own brand but and you also need to protect your brand as well. but there are things that you can do that when it comes to marketing advertising with your personal brand that you cant do with your network marketing company. So first of all your company needs to protect their brand and you need to protect your brand. So let's get into the actual parts you really need to know.

Personal Branding MLM Reason 1: Protect Your Brand​

The first reason why, the number one reason why you need to think about personal branding is to protect your brand. So many people type in your name into Google one of they find if you're not there, you basically don't have as much influence. a you know when people are looking for you looking for your name you need to give them and you need to be able to be found on their first page of Google.

If you're trying to build your Network Marketing business everybody should be thinking of building it for the long game. So if your building it for the long game you want to be do marketing as well as prospecting. Prospecting is going out and looking for people to talk to you, where marketing is putting a piece of content out into the world wide web in the likelihood that somebody will come across it and come back to your personal brand and then you talk to them.Success leaves clues right? So model success guys, look at the leaders in your industry and have a look at what they have.Do they have a website are they are active on social media and creating YouTube videos? Are there creating Facebook videos? Are they on Instagram? Where are they what are they doing?I have some homework at the end of this podcast, and it will have a few things for you to go and do, but the first thing you need to do is look at some of the leaders in your industry in your company. Have a look what they doing, to your name into Google what pops up do they have a website? Ok check, if we playing the long game we need to build a website.

Personal Branding MLM Reason 2: Purple cow.

You might be thinking purple cow? "what's purple cow?"Purple cow is standing out from your competition. Everybody in your company has the same website. So what's going to make you different? What is going to separate you from the herd? So if there's a herd of cows you see if a purple cow in there it's going to stand out. That comes from Seth Godin's book purple cow and that's marketing 101 "Being different is better than being better" You just have to be original so you can separate yourself from the pack and people that find you there gonna ask themselves two questions.

Why should I buy from you?

Can you help me be successful?

Being that purple cow you're going to stand out from the pack you're going to show them why they should buy from you why they should join you in your company and how are you can help them to be successful.You need to be able to answer those two questions for the people that come across your company. Not only is it going help you but it can also help the people that you bring on board and its going to help your team.

Personal Branding MLM Reason 3: Lead With Value.

Leading with value is how you build a tribe of followers and is how you can become an expert in whatever industry your in.

If you are nutrition, if you want to travel, maybe if you're in skin care, services? You can become an expert in the industry.You want to be leading with value. "Lead with value" means you're creating content that helps people solve their problems. The value is in solving other people's problems and there's a strategy ILT. I first heard this from Ray Higdon and that's where I heard it from first. It's Invest, Learn, Teach.

First you invest in a reading books, listening to podcasts, listen to audiobooks, taking courses. You invest time and money into that, you learn that stuff and then you teach it to people. That's ILT.The value is in teaching people things that will help them solve their problems. So whenever you come across people asking questions in Facebook groups etc they have problems and they are asking questions. You can post answers on your website and then you can share it on social media.

So when you create content, you put on your website and then you share it on social media and those people will go back to your website and then they can spend more time seeing what kind of content you create.

Personal Branding MLM, become an expert.

Personal Branding MLM Reason 4: Social Proof.

​When it comes to building a business or convincing anybody to do anything, some of the hardest people to convince are the ones that are closest to us. So our family, friends and then there are the other people outside of our influence. So people that we don't know that just come across us online. If they can come across your website or wherever you are on social media, they can go and look for testimonials. They want to see what other people are saying about you. So when you get testimonials you're adding third party validation. You know you could say the same thing to your best friend and they won't move, why? They won't make a decision, but when they hear the same thing that you said to them from a third party, so somebody else outside of your circle of influence, that pushes them over and gives them a little bit of validation. It helps them to move forward and third party validation it's super important. For the people in your team, they look to you as an up line and they can use you your testimonials on your website as third party validation. It helps the people that your team is prospecting come on board into your team. So it's not only good for yourself but also helps you and your team to leverage off your your social proof, your testimonials and it also shows that you're committed. So if you have testimonials, you're committed to helping people achieve the results of there looking for. A lot of people are very sceptical, we are looking for the bad things so if you can show them that you have helped people get results it shows that you committed to helping them achieve their results. It's going to help you tremendously.

Personal Branding MLM Reason 5: Leverage.

The last reason why you want to build a personal brand is because of leverage. Everything is going to be the cost you time or money. So you have to you want to be trying to leverage your time and your money and order to build your team faster and being online and building your personal brand you can do that.If we go back to creating value and becoming an expert you create videos you put them on your website. Whenever people in your team come across the same questions, you can teach your team to go and look for those videos on your website. So you want to teach people how to teach them to go look for those videos. They answer those questions, so when you teach people how to teach you can stay at the beach. That's what you want to do, you want to teach people to go to your website look at the video so you can leverage your time. This takes away that one on one contact with everybody. If you find yourself repeating the same answer to the same questions, you need to create some kind of video. You need to create some kind of content that you can point them towards. If it's going to take you 30 minutes to explain a couple of things it's easier for you to go and create a 30 minute video showing people, walking them what they need to know step-by-step. You create a video once it's out there and the whole team can use. Your saving yourself time not only for yourself but your whole team and you're going to be saving your money, because time is money.That's leverage and also you can use paid ads to scale up. So when you get to the point where you find yourself with a little bit more time and you maybe wanna get in contact with a few more people maybe you can use paid ads as a way to scale up your activity.So that's the leverage. I want to give you a bonus reason why you need to you want to be building your personal brand and that's building your list

Personal Branding MLM Bonus: List Building.

Many marketers will say the money is in the list and there are a few different lists. The main list that you want to be building is your email list. Just to be clear there are many lists you can build like your Facebook friends list, that's a list of people that you've created. You have a list on your phone, you have a list of people that follow you on YouTube, on Instagram, on whatever social media platform you have. Those people that follow you is your list, but the problem with that is, you don't own it. So if you do something wrong and Facebook or whatever social media platform decides they don't want you to be on there anymore, because you're too aggressive. Or you're doing something at that they don't like, or for some reason, they decide to cut your social media profile off. That list is gone, you no longer have it. So you want to be building your email list because you own it. There are a few different things that you can use to create your own email list, and I'll talk about it and future podcast but that's the bonus reason.

That's the sixth reason that you want to be building your personal brand. You can build your list, and you can make it to your list. Building a list you can make things easier for your following, and it can be a lot easier to automate your follow up. For example, whenever you create a new video you can send an email to your list saying "hey I created this new video solving this problem". Remember ILT, teach them stuff that they can take away into their business. It also helps them to know like and trust you. As things go on, you continue to massage the people that your talk to you about your business and then when the timing is right, everything lines up they become a member of your team or they become a product user.

Personal Branding MLM Homework

I just want to go into this last part and I just want to talk give you a few homework lessons to take away.

Number 1 is Google your name and see what pops up.Are you controlling that space if you're not you need to start creating more content online and you need to take up the space so that people can find you and you can build credibility for yourself.

Number 2 is look at 5 to 10 leaders in your company. Do the same thing. Type their name into Google and see what pops up. Do they have a social media presence? Do they have a website? Just write down a few things you see, some common traits that they have. Remember if your building this for the long run which everybody should be, you should have your own website or you should be moving towards building your own one. So just have a look at what those leaders have, remember your modelling success so the leaders who have success in your company what do they have? Just make a list, write down what you see and just take that away so you can see the evidence for yourself that they are building personal brands.

Number 3 is what kind of content are they creating? You want to stand out, you want to be the purple cow. So how can you be different? How can you show people that you can help them create the results their looking for? How can you solve their problems? What can you do to stand out?

Number 4 is what questions are people asking? If you look in Facebook groups, people are having problems. What questions are they asking? Just pull out a notepad, write down a list of what people are asking and if you're confident create videos. If you're not confident you can create written form, or you can do audio form. Answer those questions and put them out on social media and start building some influence. Start putting yourself out as an expert in your field or in your area.

Number 5. Can you share stories and product testimonials? Remember don't mention the name of your company, just share stories and results that people getting using your product. Or if their business owners just talk about how starting a small home business has changed their lives it might be a small change, but people are looking for something small to get started.

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