Introduction to MLMGAMEUP000
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  • Published: 24 Jul 2017
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Im Super Excited to welcome you to the first episode of the MLM Game Up Podcast. ​ You can find todays show notes over at where I have the video version of the podcast. If you would like to leave your feedback you can do that also.

It has been a long time coming for me to create a podcast. But I believe ​it has come at the perfect time. I want to thank my beautiful wife Atawhai Kaa for all the support over the years while I have been on this journey to freedom and with out your support I would not be in a position to do this. Their are also to many people I would like to thank but there are to many to list. You know who you are so just know I am truely thankful and grateful for you all.

Whats in the MLM Game Up Podcast about?

The MLM game Up podcast was created to help those in Network Marketing, Home Based Business and Multi level marketing to become better marketers. So if you have found yourself apart of the NFL (No Friends Left) club or simple run out of people to talk to. I want to help you find ​new people to talk to using the power of Personal Branding and Online Marketing.

What To Expect from this Podcast

You can expect on average three episodes every week to help you with Mindset, Motivation, Tools and Skills to help you build your business.

  • Truth Hurts Tuesdays. Sometimes we need to hear the truth in order to help move our business forward.
  • Thoughtful Thursdays - Designed to help put you in the right mind frame to take action.
  • Sunday School - Designed to help you build up your skill set and tool sets to build your business.

​Help Us Build the Show

Help share the show and make it get really big. My ultimate goal is to get this podcast show ​big enough that we can get some on the worlds best marketers on the show, pick their wise brains and share the information to our MLM Game Up Tribe and make us better Marketers.

My Free Gift​

I have a free gift for all my podcast listeners. All you need to do is enter your name and email in the opt in box to receive a free copy of my guide to Building your Network Marketing Business On FaceBook. Get it here

Do You Want to Win a Free Marketing Book?

Help me build the podcast by Subscribing where ever you listen and leaving us a review. Then tag us on social media so we know you left a review.

We will be giving away a FREE marketing book every month to our most loyal subscribers. Good Luck!

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