3 Golden Rules For Your Business and Life MLMGAMEUP002

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3 Golden Rules For Your Business and Life MLMGAMEUP002
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  • Published: 28 Jul 2017
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Today we are going to be talking about the 3 golden rules for business and life. Anybody can live their life by these rules and I guess these are what I heard from the first big event I attended. I actually heard this before, but I didn't really understand it and it wasn’t until I went to the event that it really clicked and really cemented in my mind. ​ You can find todays show notes over at willkaa.com I have the video version of the podcast. If you would like to leave your feedback you can do that also.

Key Takeaways from This Podcast

​Pay Attention!

Get Excited!

Never Quit​!

A Few Quotes From The Podcast

Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win ~ Ted Turner​

When Your Attitude is Right the Facts Don't Count, Because the Facts are Just Other Peoples Opinions ~ Kevin Trudeau

Here is the Transcription From The Podcast

The first rule is pay attention! PAY ATTENTION

Pay attention to what's going on in your business, in your life, what's going on with your relationship, at your work, just pay attention, be present, understand what's going on. If you are driving a car and your not paying attention to what's going on on the road your going to end up in the crash. So the same thing will happen with your business you need to be paying attention to what's going on. What events are happening, what are the new products that are coming out, who's the new person that became a part of your team, who are the new leaders, just celebrate and be present in your business. PAY ATTENTION to what's going on, what's coming out, what new countries opening up. You just have to pay attention and you cannot only apply this to your business but you can also apply this to your life so just pay attention to what's going on around you.

The second the second rule is GET EXCITED!

Get excited about this so if there's a new product coming out? GET EXCITED. What's going on? If somebody has joined your team? GET EXCITED! Is there somebody who's has hit a new rank? GET EXCITED about that. If you have a new country open up, get GET EXCITED.

Get excited, be excited! People like to be around people that are fun, who have a lot of energy and have good vibes. You know your vibe attracts your tribe, so if you want to attract people that are positive, have good energy.

You have to be exciting!
You have to have good energy!
You have to be putting it out!
and order to attract those types of people. so thats rule number 2. Get excited!

The last rule and the rule that you should never ever break is “Don't Quit! or Never Quit”

Pay attention, Get Excited, Never Quit!

So never quit, if you look at Network Marketing or you look at any business, or you look at successful people that are good at sports, they put in the work and they didn't Quit.

Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win ~ Ted Turner​

There were so many people that I saw coming into personal training they just needed to stick it out for the hard part. The hard part is first month or the first six months. In Network Marketing it's not a big investment so if you're coming in and you're expecting to make money in the first day. Don't!, if you're coming in with that type of mindset you're probably not going to last long, so just think about it. Just don’t quit!

Quitting is like a muscle! The more you quit, the easier it becomes a be a quitter. So stop being a quitter and you will make it to the top. It might take you some a long time. Some people can do it in and less than a year, some people might take 3 years, for some people it may take 5 years but are you willing to work for 10 years 20 years. If it replaces your income and then you're able to become time free, so you can spend time with the people that you want to spend time with doing the things you want to do. Having that time freedom and in the money to be able to do it.

Network Marketing can do that for you. But remember just being a part of it and not taking any action isn't going to help either.

You got to Get excited, You got to Pay Attention, and you got to do the work. Invest in yourself, Self Development, mindset, you know the skills you gotta work on all those things.

It’s a long game, like anything it’s a long game. I don't care if you're doing a Network Marketing business, I don't care if you're doing a traditional business if you don't see any business if you're going to be rolling in the first couple of days or the first month. If you don't understand how much work it is going to take your going to be in a room for hurt.

So that are the 3 Golden rules for Network Marketing and business. So pay attention to what's going on, get excited and never quit! I hope you enjoyed today’s podcast and I will see you on the next episode.

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