Miss Independent: Mentoring for Career & Business Women > Entrepreneurs > Millennials

by Natalie Hughes: Career and Business Mentor | Millennial Workforce Expert

Miss Independent:  Mentoring for Career & Business Women > Entrepreneurs > Millennials
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  • Last: 7 Aug 2017
Natalie Hughes is the founder of MissIndependent.com.au >> Online Mentoring. On this podcast Natalie talks with some of the most interesting, diverse and inspiring women in leadership and business. You'll hear stories of success and setbacks, and motivational secrets and tips to inspire you to make your own work decisions with confidence. Kick back and enjoy this podcast designed to mentor, educate, support and guide you on the issues women are faced with when it comes to making career decisions. Natalie understands there are unique challenges when it comes to the work choices women make, and these change and evolve through our adult life. As women, we want to feel proud that we are making a difference in the world from the work we do. We want to make a positive contribution to society. We want to feel independent and free to make the best decisions for us. We tell ourselves, money doesn't matter, but the reality is, it does. We need money to survive. Sometimes we don't know how to bring these important elements together in the work we do and the careers we choose. That is why we also get real about the money you earn, and the way you spend and invest. Enjoy this podcast and opportunity to be mentored by it's wonderful guests. Let yourself escape your every day for a moment and discover how you can achieve a fulfilling combination of work, money, meaning and purpose. If you want to explore further ways to be mentored every day by Natalie and other women in leadership and business visit www.missindependent.com.au //

Episodes (14)


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