Misfits and Nerds
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  • Episodes: 6
  • Last: 4 Nov 2017
Misfits and nerds are the innovators, risk takers, and trailblazers. Just look at the people who inspire you the most. Chances are that they are a misfit, a nerd, or a misfit nerd. These are their stories. Who is the valley girl interviewer with the annoying, nervous laugh? Yup that’s me. During the day, I’m a Managing Director at Hercules Capital, where I provide venture debt to later stage technology companies ($10-100M checks). My job is to stay on top of the most interesting companies, technologies, and their investors and to NOT miss a deal that we want to do. In a given week, I meet with at least 10-15 CEOs, CFOs, and venture capitalists. The vast majority of them have achieved extraordinary success in their careers. But, what I enjoy most is learning about them. You really don’t know how it will be to work with someone until you know their story. In particular, I’m curious about how they grew up, their struggles, their fears, their learnings, what they are most proud of, what’s in their heads, and what controls their hearts. I love hearing these stories and thought I’d share them with you. Cheers, Catherine Jhung Misfit. Wife. Mom. Party Animal. Connector.

Episodes (6)


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