Miles To Mogul - Episode 1 - Kenya Rynea of Kenya Rynea Salon

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Miles To Mogul - Episode 1 - Kenya Rynea of Kenya Rynea Salon
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 17 Feb 2017
  • Duration: 54:58

Miles interviews Owner Kenya Rynea of Kenya Rynea Salon on her Show Miles To Mogul!

As a personal stylist, those fortunate enough to be on her book (which reads like a who's who of the fashion industry), she allows her talents to go further than just the style, instead she extends her knowledge to her clients, giving them essential "hot tips" to maintain and flaunt their custom styles.

Living her passion and dream, Kenya wanted to share her joy even further, in the fall of 2013 she started Dreams for Diamonds. A non-profit organization making wigs and partial wigs for young children undergoing chemotherapy. With a vow that "no child should have to pay for being beautiful as they are", Kenya works tirelessly campaigning for donations for this cause with tremendous success.

Education is key in her success and journey; learning how to be better, new techniques and perfecting her craft, so she can become better at what she does.... For more information visit: