Mentor Talk Podcast

by Lawrence Joseph

Mentor Talk Podcast
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  • Last: 9 Jan 2018
The Black Mentor podcast is where we share candid interviews from successful black men and women entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and scholars. There are great advantages of having a mentor in your life and although our guest may not be your direct mentor, we know you will learn a lot from listening to these successful people and thought leaders. We are all aware of the successful athletes, musicians, actors, actresses and entertainers but there are a lot more successful black people who don’t get the opportunity to share their journey. This show is about YOU. I’m Lawrence Joseph and three years ago I was looking for a mentor to look up to and further my business development. Six months later my friend introduced me to my most recent mentor. The experience was great. The knowledge was amazing and the ability to learn side by side of him was priceless. We eventually became business partners and my success today is a reflection of what I learned. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to find a mentor. As you search the internet or amazon for a book it’s difficult to come across a black man or woman who is not an athlete, musician or entertainer. We created The Black Mentor Podcast to help people learn and get practical guidance from a wide range of successful black professionals. We do this by interviewing the best in the business and making their knowledge available to you right here, at no cost. Guest range from CEOs of Fortune 5000 companies, Entrepreneurs, Scholars, Professionals, Thought Leaders & Activist. Topics include business, wealth creation, relationships, fitness, career advice and lifestyle. The Black Mentor Podcast is where everyday people meet black success. Find more at Black Success Lives Here!

Episodes (33)


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