Marxism and Marketing - for iPod/iPhone

by The Open University

Marxism and Marketing - for iPod/iPhone
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 8
  • Last: 29 Jan 2013
What can Marxism teach us about marketing? Is Communist thinking relevant when applied to a modern drink’s marketing strategy? The successful sale of white cider to people from poorer economic demographics has not gone unnoticed and many social commentators have criticised the manner in which the drink has been marketed. In a Capitalist system, should we expect all market opportunities to be exploited regardless of moral implications? What conclusions can be drawn when we apply Neo-Marxist thinking to the marketing of white cider, and its impact on the consumers it targets? In this audio collection The Open University’s Andrew Lindridge, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, uses this unique example to encourage the development of critical thinking skills.

Episodes (8)


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