Marketing You Can Do Right Now!

by Rod Harter

Marketing You Can Do Right Now!
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  • Episodes: 100
  • Last: 26 May 2017
Description: Rod Harter, CEO & Founder of “Specialty Marketing Consultants”, presents the benefits behind... Direct Response Marketing. It’s a form of marketing that a-lows small business owners the opportunity to “hone” their advertising dollars, by add-ing this unique and extremely responsive method of getting the word out. Comparisons are made between “Brand, or Image Marketing” and “Direct Response Marketing”. Most small business’s fall into the trap of advertising the same way big corporations ad-vertise, with Brand Marketing. That involves throwing a huge net, over a huge audi-ence, and hoping to grab some customers or clients. It also requires a “huge budget”. In this podcast, Specialty Marketing Consultants describes a different form of market-ing. One that attracts, converts & keeps customers and clients. In fact, that’s their com-pany motto: “Attract Em, Convert Em, & Keep Em”. You’ll hear how Direct Response Marketing will fine tune your marketing and advertising dollars, hit targeted markets, using lead generating, response oriented and proven techniques. You’ll definitely stand out from your competition.

Episodes (100)


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