Marketing Dumbbells podcast, How to Market a Fitness Center Gym

by Shannon Cook

Marketing Dumbbells podcast, How to Market a Fitness Center Gym
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  • Last: 1 Jan 2017
The Marketing Dumbbells podcast teaches Gym and Fitness center owners How to market and advertise your gym online and offline how to open or convert your gym into a 24 hour fitness center. "How took my gym from 46 members to 304 in less than 3 months and stayed there until I sold 10 years later for more than 5 times what it cost to start through the 24 hour system and the gym marketing tactics I used" I started my gym from scratch in 2003 and almost went bust several times before inventing my own marketing system 5 years later. I learned marketing by reading several hundred books, going to several seminars, studying all the marketing greats from ancient Rome to today's best internet marketers and trying and testing thousands of dollars in ads on the radio, online, and by mail. I perfected my marketing over 12 years in the fitness business I chronicled every step of how I did all this in my book "Marketing Dumbbells" which you can check out at I'll be sharing all my experiences and the latest gym marketing tactics in these podcast This Marketing Dumbbells episode is an interview with Roger Rabii, the founder of the firebug software 24 hour gym access system and ezclub gym software, here you'll learn" what a 24 hour gym access system is whats required to install the system how you can use the system to control tanning beds gym security camera system gym software included and exactly what it can do auto billing features software inside the software In this episode we cover everything it takes and exactly how to convert your gym into a 24 hour fully automated gym. I also tell you a little about my unique gym situation and what I had to do to convert my gym and also how I used the system to automate my tanning bed systems to 24 hour. Other episodes will get into how to start a fitness center from scratch and exactly how to do the marketing that made my gym successful so don't forget to subscribe to the podcast in itunes. for questions and comments you can email email me at Thanks and enjoy, Shannon Cook

Episodes (3)