Man Vs Idea
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  • Last: 7 Nov 2016
A story following the building and launching of a crowd funded startup project through kickstarter from scratch. In real time, through wins, failures, tips, regrets, high times and low. Podcast is about bringing an idea to life. How to guide about making something with crowdfunding, what we would have liked before we started and hopefully giving the inspiration to others that they can too bring a napkin drawing into the world to solve a problem. You can interact with our journey through twitter, Facebook or our product kickstarter or website look forward to next time and hopefully both of us will be one step closer to growing whatever it is you built. Of course, if you found this at all useful. Go to a computer. Get on iTunes, look us up and give us a rating. It takes a few minutes but we are forever thankful. Intro music: please listen carefully by Jazzer Outro music: something elated by broke for free

Episodes (4)


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