Make Your Mark Podcast

by Entrepreneur Steve Gumm Discusses Overcoming Fear and Failure, Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Content Strategy and Creating Breakthroughs

Make Your Mark Podcast
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  • Last: 4 Jan 2016
Entrepreneurs, small businesses, marketers and anyone chasing a dream will need to overcome challenges on the journey. I've been there. Make Your Mark is a podcast designed to deliver inspiration, motivation, support, direction and ACTIONABLE advice on marketing, business strategy, growth hacking and overcoming personal and professional challenges. Having built multi seven figure businesses and working with remarkable brands like Sony, 7-Up, Wyclef Jean, Life Is Good, Survivor and Jeff Probst and countless others, I know how hard it is to grow and maintain a thriving business. Having jumped right into a monster real estate deal and eventually going bankrupt - I also know what it's like to be at rock bottom...and it's tough. I rebuilt and am once again back on top of my game. It was a long road. This is the Podcast I wish I had when the chips were down.

Episodes (46)


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