Make Creativity Pay Podcast

by Leanne Regalla: Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs, Blogger, Musician

Make Creativity Pay Podcast
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  • Last: 19 Jul 2016
Leanne Regalla, from the blog Make Creativity Pay, is on a mission to teach creatives of all types how to make good money from your work without going broke, living in your car, or starving to death. There are writers, musicians, artists, photographers, performers, and crafters of all kinds successfully doing what you dream of, and you'll hear their best, most practical advice in these episodes, along with reader Q&A and more. This podcast features strategies for building solid income streams as well as tested techniques for marketing, social media, productivity, and prioritizing. Leanne will help you get clear on your direction and stay focused on your most important work so you can finally start making the money you desire and living the life you deserve.

Episodes (14)


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