Magician Business – Marketing for magicians and performing artists

by Ken Kelly: Magician, business coach and entrepreneur and YouTube teacher Julian Mather: Kids and Family entertainer and Video expert

Magician Business – Marketing for magicians and performing artists
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  • Last: 11 Aug 2015
Our aim is to bring you relevant tips, tricks and strategies that are current and focused on the entertainment industry. We are Ken Kelly and Julian Mather, two different people with one aim to bring you marketing ideas that lead to a happier, freer life with enough income for you to do what you love. We interview successful magicians, jugglers, comedians, ventriloquists and other performing artists from around the world. We ask that they share their best practice, philosophy and insight with us so we can bring you the most up to date marketing strategies from those who are at the top of their game. We put our money where our mouth is and implement the things we learn and we share the results with you. The Magician Business Podcast brings you so much more than website design and search engine optimisation. We explore YouTube and how to leverage video to get more bookings. We delve into social media marketing looking at Facebook, Twitter and how performing artists can create an audience by using these tools. We shine a spotlight on Google Pay Per Click advertising to see how PPC adwords can be used to get qualified bookers looking at our packages and we look at offline marketing for entertainers using tools like business cards and telephone directory’s. The Magician Business Podcast is a community and we welcome you as part of that community. Julian and I are not teachers, we are not wise sages and we are certainly not experts. We rely on what you have to bring, your comments, feedback and most importantly we want to hear what works for you. Join Julian Mather and myself, Ken Kelly, on the Magician Business Podcast where its all about you being free to make a living doing the things you love. Hosts Ken Kelly Magician, business coach and entrepreneur and YouTube phenomenon Julian Mather Kids and Family entertainer and Video expert.

Episodes (55)


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