Magic of Believing
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  • Last: 7 Mar 2018
Your beliefs create your world. Are you feeling empowered - or limited? These podcasts cover the chapters of Claude M. Bristol's Magic of Believing. Listen in as this veteran newspaper reporter reveals his own research into the secrets of belief.

Episodes (27)


Wired For Success TV

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Mind of an Entrepreneur Show

by Mind Of An Entrepreneur Today

MTG Pro Tutor - Insights, Tips & Advice from Magic: The Gathering Pros

by Shaun Penrod talks tips and stories with professional Magic: The Gathering players like Patrick Chapin, Jon Finkel, The Professor, Joel Larsson, Marshall Sutcliffe, Gaby Spartz! Learn their origin stories and improve your MTG | Deck Building | Grand Prix | Sealed | Drafting | Constructed | Friday Night Magic (FNM) Skills.

The Bigg Success Show

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