Lingerie Success

by Kristoffer John Cardona | Katie Donnelly | Angel Gallegos

Lingerie Success
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 17
  • Last: 26 Jul 2017
Lingerie Success is the first of its kind for the Lingerie Industry, committed to helping lingerie store owners grow and maximize their business. Every week, you'll learn new marketing tips and tools to grow your business and help your lingerie store succeed. Lingerie Success will teach you local marketing tips to increase brand awareness, store traffic, and sales; social media tips and tricks for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and others; actionable email marketing secrets for keeping your customers informed and coming back to you; blogging and content creation ideas to increase your customer base and establish yourself as an industry expert and thought leader; online reputation management tips and best practices for handling negative reviews; successful strategies that other lingerie stores find are working for them; and all of the tools you need to help save you time and make it all work for you.

Episodes (17)


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