Push Through w/Paul Garwood with Special Guest Deana Williams

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Push Through w/Paul Garwood with Special Guest Deana Williams
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 26 Feb 2018
  • Duration: 01:12:00

TOPIC: Taking My Life Back, I Choose Me.

This will be an dynamic and open discussion about how Deana survived sexual abuse and overcame the premature loss of her parents. We will discuss the importance of having God in your life as you heal, forgive, and move forward. This show is about Self Empowerment through Self Discovery.

Deana's Bio

Deana resides in Arkansas and she is a graduate of the University Central AR.  Deana is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Deana helped to raise her younger siblings while she navigated through her teen and early adult years.  She is first and foremost a Woman of God.  Her faith has been the foundation of which she has built her calling from Victim to Victor!   She knows that without God she would not be here.   She feels that each one of us should embody the fruits of the spirit in effort to allow our light to shine.   Deana’s belief is that one’s walk and talk must align with the word of in order to be in a right-standing relationship with God!  Deana is a licensed minister and received her Honorary Doctorate of Divinity in July of 2014.  Her most important title is Servant!

Deana‘s professional career includes over twenty-four years in the field of Physical Therapy.   Moreover, Deana is a Certified Emotional Physical Therapy Life Coach Practitioner.  She is an Amazon bestselling author of;  Get M.O.V.E.D.,   (Mapping Out Victory Each Day).  Deana is living proof that self-discovery yields self-empowerment and moves you from Victim to Victor!