Life Beyond The Massage Table: A Podcast for Health & Wellness Businesses

by Candice Eisner

Life Beyond The Massage Table: A Podcast for Health & Wellness Businesses
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  • Episodes: 69
  • Last: 12 Mar 2018
A short, no BS weekly talk about the realities of running a Massage Therapy practice - or any health, wellness or fitness business, really! You’ve probably got great hands-on skills and work well with your clients one-on-one. Most of you have that stuff down. But it’s the stuff "beyond the massage table", beyond the treatment room, office or studio, that you might need advice on. How do you run your business and make it a success while still having time for the rest of your life? What’s marketing all about? Should you be using social media? How do you save money for vacations, tax time, and the rest of your life when your income is unpredictable? What do you do when a client is unhappy with your treatment? That's just some of the topics we talk about! So grab a cup of your favourite beverage and let's dive right in.

Episodes (69)


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