Let's Talk Good Business with Dr. Dionne Mahaffey

by Dr. Dionne Mahaffey

Let's Talk Good Business with Dr. Dionne Mahaffey
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  • Episodes: 23
  • Last: 8 Jul 2015
“Let’s Talk Good Business” is a lively format of news, information and dialogues with luminaries in all walks of business. The show chronicles the emerging identity of social entrepreneurs, activists, philanthropists and other creative change makers. The aim of “Let’s Talk Good Business” is to focus on creating and managing profitable, socially conscious endeavors. In each episode host, Dr. Dionne explores the strategies, leaders and new markets that are driving the evolution of conscious business. If you want to “do good” culturally, economically, environmentally and socially, this show will help you get there. The show highlights more than just businesspeople solving social ills, but people spreading new approaches through nonprofits, technology and businesses, or within government — to address problems more successfully than in the past.

Episodes (23)


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