Let's Start A Ripple

by Kristen White

Let's Start A Ripple
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Let’s Start a Ripple with Kristen White! Featuring experts in wellness, personal development and spirituality. The Ripple Effect is a news-style talk show featuring some of the world’s foremost experts in personal development and wellness of the mind, body and spirit, hosted by award-winning television journalist and anchor Kristen White. Since leaving the world of TV news, Kristen has worked with entrepreneurs of all types to help them succeed in both business and life, providing coaching, training and thought leadership. Now she brings her own expertise as well as that of others to a new format – transformational television. Behind The Ripple Effect is the idea that one voice, one sentence or one single “drop” of wisdom is all it takes to help transform your life. The show is a marketplace of ideas for anyone looking to make a change for the better, either professionally or personally. The Ripple Effect provides the perfect transformational diet for those who are hungry for something of substance amid the “junk food” of traditional TV. Our esteemed guests come from every corner of the world and represent a diversity of backgrounds, careers, ages and nationalities; yet all have one thing in common – the desire to share wisdom and help others on their journey to personal transformation. Each 30-minute episode of The Ripple Effect includes three expert interviews as well as a fitness segment, a regular “spirituality boot camp” series and practical tools to use in every day life.

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