Let’s Get Radical

by Jody Padar and Liz Gold

Let’s Get Radical
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 70
  • Last: 17 Oct 2017
Small business owners and creative freelancers, get ready. Let’s Get Radical is not your typical business radio show. Jody Padar and Liz Gold take a peek into your company’s financial underwear drawer with an insightful and compassionate eye. You’ll get tips and tricks, strategies and guidance and straight talk on how to get more radical with your practices and policies and reap the rewards. They talk technology, tools, attitudes and passion. They interview those who have done it and are learning to do it now. They talk about how business is changing and operating from the mindset of abundance. This show is for small business owners and creative freelancers like you who are looking for answers with a radical approach and fun. Jody and Liz dislodge the stodgy and energize you to take your business, whatever you do, to the next level.

Episodes (70)


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