Samit Nag

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Samit Nag
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 22 Apr 2017
  • Duration: 09:40

At some point in our corporate journey, we arrive at this point. Some may experience this in the early stages of their career, and for some it might take a while. But it will happen. We are expected to lead a team.
It certainly is exciting in those initial days. The new found power makes us feel invincible. We seem to control the careers of a few fellow colleagues. We feel all powerful. This feeling dies over a period of time. We then are left to fend for ourselves to figure out a way. From that point on, most of our career is spent in ‘Handling’ team members, peers, and at times the boss. Managing people in short makes most of our time in our careers.
Most business leaders will agree. It is the not the complexity of the project or the business, it is the challenge of managing people, that keeps them occupied most of the time.
Samit faced this challenge early in his career. In this case, his own team was a part of the problem he was trying to solve, and were not convinced of his leadership. They showed it in action while at work. This is a classic case of the team relationship with the boss under stress.
Listen to this episode to find out what Samit did to overcome the challenge and the lessons he learnt from it.