Lead Your Life Podcast
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  • Last: 12 Jan 2018
Every individual in this world wants to leave a legacy. We all have the inner hunger to be remembered for something. Although, many persons express this desire differently at varying degrees, majority struggle daily to find full expression. The gap between desire and fulfillment is ultimately leadership. This podcast show serves to help you bridge that gap. Hosted by Abraham Ologundudu, founder of Seasoned Life Journal. #LeadYourLife show is a platform to help passionate individuals like you who want to make a positive difference with your ideas, message, or story to get the clarity, boldness, strategy and tools needed to empower you execute intentionally. By applying practical and simple principles, you will gain insight into actionable tips, steps and strategies to help you Lead your life intentionally In simple terms, we would be dealing with topics centred on PERSONAL LEADERSHIP. http://seasonedlifejournal.com

Episodes (23)


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