Law Firm Excellence

by Michael Bell, Founder of, targeting the managing partner & fans of Legal Talk Network, ALA, ABA Law Practice Management Section, LexisNexis, Westlaw, Thomson Reuters, Ed Poll, Bar Association, Alexis Neely, Jim Hart, John Skiba

Law Firm Excellence
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  • Last: 12 Oct 2016
On Law Firm Excellence, law firm leaders share their stories and experts share tips that will empower you to grow your firm. Michael Bell asks insightful questions to dig deep into the success and explore failures of successful law firm founders. The ideas and stories are powerful and hearing them will profoundly impact you. If you are in a leadership position in a growing firm, (or especially if you and your firm are struggling), Law Firm Excellence will guide and inspire you. Plot a successful course through a sea of challenges. Listen as Michael Bell interviews law firm leaders, consultants, marketing and technology experts, along with other legal management thought leaders to give you fresh perspective you can use immediately to improve the foundation of excellence in your firm. Don’t miss out! 1) Subscribe to this podcast. 2) Turn on automatic downloads. 3) Enjoy every new interview for FREE. 4) Go to to browse back episodes or view the video versions of these interviews.

Episodes (22)