by Angela Delcast

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  • Episodes: 5
  • Last: 8 Jan 2018
This is a program for foodies, farmers, food-lovers, policy makers, industry experts, restaurateurs or aspiring entrepreneurs in food and agriculture in Latin America. The main goal of this podcast is to talk about the best practices, tips and strategies related to agrifood ventures in Latin America. Remember! agrifood means agriculture and food. We’ll do that by interviewing successful Latin American agrifood entrepreneurs whom discuss challenges and lessons learned during their journey. You might be setting up a business and wanting to learn about everything: from starting the brand, producing, shipping, legal aspects like taxes, export rounds, etc. Or, you’ve been involved in this world for a long time but you want to improve by learning from others who have also done well. What are their best practices, tips and strategies? Listen to this show to find out!

Episodes (5)