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L3 Leadership Podcast
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This podcast exists for two reasons: 1.) To add Value to You by Learning from those Ahead of Us – When I was 18 years old, I interned at a local church. My mentor encouraged me to take out a high level leader each month and ask them questions. I followed through on that and it was extremely beneficial. After 8 years of doing this, I started to feel selfish. I thought to myself, “I get to spend time with all of these great leaders and learn from them. Why don’t I record these interviews and turn them into a podcast for young leaders to listen to?” Shortly after that I started this podcast. 2.) To Add Value to You by Teaching You What I have Learned about Leadership – That same mentor handed me a leadership lesson on cd by John Maxwell. After listening to it, I was blown away. I called my mentor and asked him for every leadership lesson he had! That was the start of my obsession with personal growth. Since then, I have benefited greatly from leadership resources. Because of this, I have always endeavored to create my own resources to add value to others. As a result of that, I put a personal monthly leadership lesson on this podcast. What You’ll Find on this Podcast: Each month we will publish three episodes: An interview – Each month, I interview a seasoned leader and extrect their best leadership tips and practices. A talk from our Breakfast series: Every month we host a leadership breakfast in which we bring in high-level leaders to share their most valuable leadership lessons. We record these talks an publish them on the podcast. A personal leadership lesson from me: Each month I record a leadership lesson that I believe will add value to your life. Connect with L3 Leadership: Website: L3Leadership.org LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/l3-leadership Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L3Leader Twitter: @L3leader Instagram: @l3leadership Podcast: The L3 Leadership Podcast in iTunes How You Can Help this Podcast: To listen to past interviews, go to my podcast page. Subscribe to this podcast Rate and leave a review of the podcast Share the content on Social Media Sign-up for my L3 Leadership Newsletter If you have an idea for a future podcast you would like to hear or a leader you would like me to interview, e-mail me at dougsmith@l3leadership.org. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate it on iTunes and write a review.

Episodes (182)


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