Breadfruit is for Friends — Andria Morales & Rafael Vargas Bernard: Ep 10

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Breadfruit is for Friends — Andria Morales & Rafael Vargas Bernard: Ep 10
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 10 Dec 2017
  • Duration: 57:45

Andria Morales and Rafael Vargas Bernard are artists-in-residence at the historic 777 Mall in Downtown Miami as part of Focus on Puerto Rico, an initiative by Clocktower Productions, Mana Contemporary and MECA International Art Fair.

We spoke with Andria and Rafael at the end of their three-month residency which concluded in December, during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Andria is a NY-based artist who works with a variety of media, taking a more humorous approach to personal and cultural narratives to explore different aspects of identity. Her sculptures focus on objects that express individuality and her work at 777 explores wearable and portable audio inspired by urban life.

Rafael Vargas Bernard is a Puerto Rican-born artist who uses sound, programming, performance, video, painting and drawing to create work that explores functional and nonfunctional systems, such as power structures, as well as societal relationships to these infrastructures. His work at 777 is a response to Hurricane Maria and involves interactive pieces using readily accessible and found materials.

Among many things, we discussed their experience at the residency, privacy, community, group dynamics, the unique generosity of their peers and what makes a good learning environment.