Keep On Tolkien

by Keep On Tolkien

Keep On Tolkien
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 19
  • Last: 12 Mar 2018
Keep on Tolkien is a podcast that aims to bridge the gap between the novice and expert in Tolkien's world. A world of high fantasy full of Eldar, Atani, Naugrim, and Ainur. If you're not familiar with any of those terms, but you grew up on the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, then this the podcast for you. Tune in and let Danny Jay and Joel Notermann take you on a passionate and sarcastic journey into some of their favorite parts of the Tolkien legendarium. Have questions, comments, or something you want to hear? Shoot us a message on your favorite social media site! We want to hear from you!

Episodes (19)


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