Selecting The Right Employees and Building Strategic Partnerships Wisely

podcast Karen Rands, Compassionate Capitalist

Selecting The Right Employees and  Building Strategic Partnerships Wisely
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  • Published: 27 Dec 2009
  • Duration: 01:05:40

Karen Rands, during her Compassionate Capitalism show will engage her featured guests on a topic important to all start up and growing companies. When a start-up founder realizes he or her needs to build a team, bring on expertise to compliment their own skills how can they identify those people, confirm they will enhance their business and at the same time, protect the business they founded. They need to know what skills are needed on his/her team, identify the right resource, then negotiate for that person to join the company and protecting the company long term.

Guests are Kenneth Darryl Brown of E3C ( and Hugh Massie, CEO of DNA Behavior ( to discuss how a CEO can learn about their leadership and communication strengths and understand what to look for in potential team members. Bob Van Rossum, President of MarketPro, ( the nation's leading executive search and contract staffing agency specifically focused on marketing, interactive, creative and advertising talent will discuss identifying and qualifying a potential candidate for the management team. Glenn Garnes, Relationship Marketing Center, will discuss protecting your interests when bringing on partners...the subject of his new book:"Let's Not Be Partners, Things you Must Do Before You Tie the Knot ("not"). Sure to be a dynamic show for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

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