Compassionate Capitalism -- How Individuals and Corporations Participate

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Compassionate Capitalism -- How Individuals and Corporations Participate
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 15 Feb 2018
  • Duration: 35:00

Karen Rands, founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement for Angel Investors,  talks with author Mark Faust, trusted advisor to Corporate Executive Teams and author of Growth or Bust and High Growth Levers, about how individuals and corporations use Compassionate Capitalism to create wealth and grow their business.   

As a nationally recognized expert on Angel Investing, Karen has written the best selling book Inside Secrets to Angel Investing as a step by step guide for learning how to invest in private companies to bring innovation to the market, create jobs and create wealth for all those involved -- Compassionate Capitalism.   She believes busy executives can effectively diversify their portfolio to invest in entrepreneurs as a wealth creation strategy, and enjoy the passion and excitment of an entrepreneurial endeavor without incurring all the risk and challenges of being an entrepreneur.  

Mark's company, Echelon Management International, works with both leaders of successfully growing companies who want to raise the bar as well as with companies in turnaround. Mark has worked with and interviewed many Fortune 500 CEO's, hundreds of number one sales performers, and thousands of his client's top customers. From this experience and insight, he discovered a corporate version of Compassionate Capitalism that is part of the pattern for success for those companies and executives. 

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