Karen Rands, Compassionate Capitalist

by Karen Rands

Karen Rands, Compassionate Capitalist
  • Language: eng
  • Episodes: 7
  • Last: 10 May 2010
Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist, interviews industry experts and shares her unique insights regarding wealth creation through entrepreneurship and angel investing. Karen has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs connect with the capital they need, by providing wise counsel and the access to capital system delivered through LAUNCHfn! When Karen speaks, people listen to what she has to say about raising money and making money! Launch Funding Network (http://launchfn.com) and The National Network of Angel Investors (http://nnoai.com) are successfully bringing entrepreneurs and investors together in the name of Compassionate Capitalism! Listen and find out what it takes to raise the early stage venture capital. Listen to learn how to invest in an asset class that only the most wealthy are inspired choose to invest in. Learn what it means to be a Compassionate Capitalist... to bring innovation to market, create jobs, and create wealth. Do you have what it takes to close the deal? Are you an angel investor that wants to learn how the rich get richer? Karen has produced over 125 podcasts, most are available here for free or through iTunes.

Episodes (7)


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