89: Major Mindset and Business Upgrades

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89: Major Mindset and Business Upgrades
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  • Published: 1 Mar 2018
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Today for our 89th episode, I am going to talk about some of the upgrades that I’ve made to both my mindset, my physical environment, and my technology habits over the past 5 years here at Jeffalytics.

I got this idea as I was thinking in wonderment about how much content we are producing for the 90 day challenge. It used to take me weeks to create a 15 minute video, and now I’m doing at least one a day.

How has it happened? Well, for starters I have been procrastinating less! Yes, the 90 day challenge has kicked my butt into gear to start producing content.

But that’s not an upgrade in and of itself. It’s the necessity that was the mother of invention.

Inventing new ways to do things, methods for being more efficient, and developing a better attitude about production. You know, upgrades across the board!

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