Joyful Business Podcast: Debra Wilton-Kinny

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Joyful Business Podcast: Debra Wilton-Kinny
  • Language: eng
  • Published: 18 Dec 2008
  • Duration: 35:42

In episode #15, we talk to Debra Wilton-Kinny, co-founder of the Polarity Pathways Group, where she has be able to launch her dream of using the force of polarity as a pathway to creating the highest of possibilities within and between individuals, teams, and businesses. She is a senior managing partner in an executive advisory firm, as well as a business owner and organizational systems consultant. She uses the powerful lens of polarity to assist her as a leadership advisor and coach, and has seen many examples of the power and higher levels of consciousness that polarity can bring into a person's personal or professional life.

Listen in as we talk about how law of attraction works using the law of polarity. I'm sure you've noticed how each time you set a clear intention then all sorts of contrast comes up! Is it a test? What is that all about? Debra explains how you can use polarity as a tool to help you deal with the opposition that comes as you work to turn your dreams and goals into your reality.